Day 3

I found it very useful today to review sections of Christopher Vogler's The Writer's Journey. I spent my writing time today plotting out my main character's heroic journey. Really helped me clarify some plot and structural points. Yay!

Today's Tidbits: Very useful passage in David Spencer's The Musical Theatre Writer's Survival Guide; he titles Chapter 7, "The Bogus Condition, or: Writer's Block":

...writer's block is a mythical malady borne of four quite real symptoms:

  1.  You don't have enough information.
  2. The song or scene you're trying to write is resisting you because the underlying premise is false.
  3. Something is intrinsically amiss with your story structure or your underlying theme, and in trying to accommodate the flaw, you're running up against its limitations.
  4. What you're trying to write simply isn't good enough by your own standards, and your internal barometer is urging you to start again.

Learning to diagnose the symptoms is what gets you over the hump.