Day 2

Just a note to say that I have now enabled comments on the blog page.

Today was a difficult day. In terms of getting to the writing. I procrastinated. I stalled. I dawdled. I goldbricked. And then I wrote. Because I promised I would. I wrote for two hours. About the musical. I probably wouldn't have written if not for the artificial (but oh-so-real) conceit of OctoMusiWriMo. And all of your kind cheers and encouragement. As Scarlet said, "tomorrow is another day."

Today's Tidbits: In looking back at notes I wrote about another idea for a musical (these written on June 8, 2014 at Blazing Laptops), my character starred in a third-grade production--directed by his way-gay teacher--that was an all-male version of Mary Poppins entitled Larry Poppins.

Was looking at Sondheim lyrics (always an inspiration) in his second volume of collected lyrics (Look, I Made a Hat). At the end, he wrote the following:

On the last page of Ulysses, James Joyce wrote: "Paris-Zurich / 1911-1918." I've always envied that pretension and I see no reason not to take this opportunity to do the same. (If only books were as good as the length of their gestation...) New York-Roxbury / 1994-2011.