Sixty Knees of Separation

I love live performances. Theatre, music concerts, dance... fabulous! Live performances have meant so much to me over the years that I have saved Playbills, programs, and concert tickets from nearly every performance I have seen. As you might imagine, these things began to take up space. Plastic tubs filled with programs, ticket stubs, etc.

Since summer 2008 when I bought the domain "," I have had this idea to bring together people who have seen the same live performances--possibly even on the same night, merely sixty knees apart in the theatre--to engage in conversations about the performances. The website, a labor of love, is still a labor. Much to do. A work in progress.

What I have done, however, is to begin the process of organizing my ephemera. I believe I have organized into binders nearly every Playbill I have kept (although I'm sure some will still turn up in all those plastic tubs awaiting my attention). Into these binders, I have also placed as many ticket stubs as I could find--from theatre, dance, and music concerts I have attended over the years. I then went back through every item in these binders and created a document that lists the name of the performance, the date I attended, and--if I know it--where I sat during the performance. This gives me the raw data I need for the content of the website.

And what FUN it is reliving all those memories...

Some Fun Facts

  • # of shows I have seen on Broadway: 41

  • # of times I have seen the Indigo Girls in concert: 17

  • The musical I have seen more times than any other: Rent (15)

  • The oldest ticket stub I have: Three Dog Night (March 28, 1974 - ISU Minidome - Pocatello, Idaho)

  • Although I don't have my ticket stub, the first concert I ever saw was The Carpenters on April 27, 1973.

  • My first Broadway show: The Wiz (1975 at The Majestic)

  • After Rent, the musicals I return to time after time: Phantom of the Opera (9), Wicked (9), and Les Misérables (6)

  • After the Indigo Girls, the two women I have seen most in concert: Bette Midler (5), Patti LaBelle (4)

  • # of live performances I have seen: 690+ (this number is represents the number of shows in my Excel document as of November 10, 2018; there are many shows I still need to document)