Days 13 & 14

Yesterday was the first day I forgot to blog during OctoMusiWriMo. Arrgggh!

I wrote both days. That's the good news. And things are moving forward.

Thanks to all of you for your thoughtful and supportive comments. A special thanks to Rick O. for helping me show up yesterday and today. It matters.


Today's Tidbits:

"The importance of introducing characters as early as possible in a musical cannot be stressed too strongly. For the audience, immediately after meeting them, begins to see things--whatever--through their eyes and to care that they get whatever it is that they want."

"I was thinking of this recently while walking on a beach in St. Croix. Overhead I saw a pelican soaring seemingly lifeless in the sky. I knew it was searching the sea for a fish, and I wanted to see it succeed. Hardly had the thought crossed my mind when I saw the pelican swoop down like an arrow into the sea. It emerged swallowing a fish. There was no doubt that I was on its side because I had met the pelican first, knew what it was after and wanted it to get it. Then I thought: Suppose I had been snorkeling underwater and had seen a beautiful iridescent blue fish swimming aimlessly, and this fish had got my attention and interest. Then I saw an underwater turbulence, and the pelican had suddenly grabbed the fish! My feelings would have been opposite. I would have been horrified by the incident."

Lehman Engel writing in Words With Music: Creating the Broadway Musical Libretto (2006).