Day 10

More SETI/NASA/CIA intrigue today. Really solves a number of "believability" issues I've had.


Today's Tidbits: Because I am considering having Hu's father work for the SETI Institute (SETI = Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence), I was looking at the SETI website for information. Among the things I learned:

  • Stephen Hawking worries about us broadcasting signals into the galaxy. He worries that the alien beings we may make contact with will be Columbus and we will be Native Americans. In other words, they may be aggressive and intent on destroying us. I was just writing about this. Damn. So strange. The universe works in mysterious ways. I am proud to say that my muse is not just international--she's intergalactic.
  • The next total solar eclipse--the first in 37 years--will take place on August 21, 2017. We will only see a partial eclipse here in San Diego, but if you go to Salem, Oregon, you can see the whole shebang.